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Many Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer Can Safely Skip Chemo

Many Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer Can Safely Skip Chemo
Chemotherapy has saved millions of lives since doctors started administering it as a treatment for cancer. "Chemo" is still an important treatment for many types of cancer, but the effects of chemotherapy can be very uncomfortable. Now the results of a new study suggest that some women with early-stage breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy and...
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Study Shows Abbreviated Breast MRI may be Best Additional Screening Option for Women with Dense Breasts

Happy Women Breast Cancer Awareness
Traditional mammograms are less effective at detecting breast cancer among women with dense breast tissue , so many women request additional screening after a negative mammogram. Results from a new study suggest that abbreviated breast MRI (AB-MRI) may be a valuable tool for detecting cancer in these women. Researchers recruited 195 women into the ...
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