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Digital mammogram machine

Full-Field Digital Mammography

What is full-field digital mammography?

Full-field digital mammography (also called FFDM) is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses a digital medium instead of traditional film to capture and store images of breast tissue. As x-rays pass through the breast tissue, the x-ray waves are “digitized,” converted into electrical signals that can be picked up by highly-sensitive receptors and translated into detailed images that can be viewed on a computer monitor or printed.  Digital x-rays produce highly-detailed images while using less radiation than traditional film x-rays, and they can be easily shared with medical specialists via email, making consultation much easier and faster.

Preparation Instructions

  • Do not apply any deodorant, powder or cream to the under arm or breast area on the morning of your exam.
  • Two piece clothing is most convenient as you will be asked to change into a gown from the waist up.
  • If you have had surgery, bring films and reports that we taken before, during and after your surgery, along with a copy of the pathology report.
  • To reduce breast tenderness, eliminate caffeine for several days before the exam.
  • Bring your prescription and insurance card.
  • Bring all previous imaging/radiology studies and reports (that were not done at RAI) relating to your current study.
  • For additional Information please call (609) 585-8800

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