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Ready to take the next step in your radiology journey?
Join RAI and unlock a world of opportunities, technology, and a supportive community.
Experience the benefits of working with a team that values your skills and prioritizes your well-being.

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Why Choose RAI?

Experience Radiology Excellence at RAI

When it comes to choosing the right radiology practice, choose an established, successful practice of over 50 years. The experience, technology, and support you have at your fingertips can make all the difference. At RAI, we are proud to lead the way in cutting-edge advancements, strong relationships, and comprehensive support for our Radiologists.

Advanced Technology at Your Service

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of radiology technology means that you’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and imaging advancements. Some of our notable technology includes:

Digital Mammogram with CAD
Precision in breast imaging.

3T MRI Technology

Offering higher resolution and detail.

Reduced Radiation CT

Minimizing patient exposure.

Suite for Women’s Imaging
A dedicated space for specialized care.

Electronic Medical Record Archiving
Streamlining patient information management.

Reduced Radiation Digital X-ray
Combining accuracy with safety.

Breast MRI
Empowering better breast health.

Innovation Beyond Imaging

At RAI, innovation extends beyond the machines. We embrace AI Technology with solutions like AIDOC, RadAI Omni, and RecoMD. We will continue to promote these AI technologies further, showcasing their potential in telehealth and assisting in patient care. It’s a glimpse into the future of radiology practice.

Radiologist Work Life Balance

Supporting Your Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and we offer numerous benefits to support it:

Multiple Working Options
Choose between remote, onsite, or hybrid work environments.

Flexible Scheduling
Our offices and hospitals operate with onsite and remote shifts. Day, evening, and weekend shifts available. Flexible rotating on-call and Holiday schedules.

Tranquil Workspaces
Our offices are designed for your comfort, with ergonomic standing/sitting desks and high-quality monitors.

Reading Room Assistants
Available 24/7 to assist Radiologists with various tasks, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Easier to Practice
We believe in making it easier for our radiologists to practice, which is why we offer initiatives like Best Practices Recommendations (BPR) and standard protocols for each Section/Modality.

Recognizing Your Contribution to the Practice


We provide a clear path to partnership for those looking to grow within our organization. Newly updated 1-year partnership track.


We offer sign-on bonuses, retention bonuses, and productivity bases incentives, making your transition into our team easier.

Collaboration and Growth

Radiology is a collaborative field, and at RAI, we foster a culture of cooperation and growth:



Join internal RAI Committees and RP Committees to contribute to our practice’s growth and improvement.

Quality Assurance

We have a QA Committee in place to ensure the highest standards of care.

Specialized Sections

While our radiologists specialize in their areas (IR, Breast, Diagnostic, Offices), they collaborate across all sections, sharing knowledge and expertise.

Hospital Partnerships

RAI has established robust partnerships with the region’s leading hospitals. When you join our team, you’ll collaborate with top medical institutions, work alongside renowned physicians, and contribute to a comprehensive and integrated approach to healthcare.

Our Location

Our location gives you the opportunity to choose a homebase in the Delaware Valley that fits your needs—all with access to unparalleled diversity in its people, cultural institutions, shopping and food scenes, and sports and recreation. It’s what brings people to live and work at world-class companies and universities.

New Jersey sites

Princeton, New Jersey,
offers a vibrant, charming downtown and highly-ranked schools. Mercer County communities are an hour from Philadelphia, New York City, and the Jersey shoreline.

Greater Philadelphia brings you home to a variety of towns and suburbs. Many of our physicians live in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, providing high-quality local amenities and schools.

Philadelphia offers the best of city life. With all of the energy and opportunities of a bustling metropolis. Philly’s variety of neighborhoods offer that
local feel.

Northeast Pennsylvania area of Scranton-Wilkes Barre is the perfect combination of convenience and country vibe. Enjoy four seasons of fun and the nearby mountain resorts.

Northern Delaware, with its proximity to Philadelphia and the coastline, is known for its quality of life, lower taxes and Wilmington’s financial services headquarters.

Join RAI Today

Ready to take the next step in your radiology journey?
Join RAI and unlock a world of opportunities, technology, and a supportive community.
Experience the benefits of working with a team that values your skills and prioritizes your well-being.

Diagnostic Radiologist
MSK Radiologist
Emergency Diagnostic Radiologist

Hear From Our Radiologists

Embracing Excellence Together

Meet some of our exceptional radiologists who have chosen RAI as their professional home. They share their experiences and highlight the unique advantages of being a part of our team:

Chris Kirkpatrick, M.D.
Chris Kirkpatrick, M.D.

Chair of Physician Recruitment and Board Member

“RAI is successful because our Radiologists are dedicated and well trained. The investment in our new PACS platform has been a serious game changer. It saved my workday, making it more efficient, with less stress.”

Kellie Chiu, M.D.

Breast Imaging

“My experience as a new Radiologist at the Practice has been positive, full of opportunity, and supportive. My colleagues have helped me adjust by answering questions, helping with workflow, and helped me navigate our hospital and outpatient sites. The strong IT support with tailored Breast Imaging Workstations has made it convenient to work from home.”

Eric Bosworth, MD
Eric Bosworth, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, Outpatient Imaging

“RAI is successful because we focus on every step of patient and clinician satisfaction. We produce the highest quality of service, set the standards of care, and are always on the forefront of cutting-edge imaging techniques. Radiologists are provided with the latest technology with PACS, worklist managers, AI Technology, key quality initiatives, and a strong team of support. ”

Radiology Techs

"We make a deliberate effort to support the transition of new Physicians into our Practice by pairing them with mentors in their subspecialty. Our goal is to help new Physicians out of fellowship by providing efficient workflows, tools, and continued education through our workflow academy."

Chris Kirkpatrick, M.D.
Chair of Physician Recruitment and Board Member

"Living and practicing in the Philadelphia area is a great area to live and work. The city offers lots of things to do, like restaurants, shopping, easy access to concerts, and events for this stage of my life. The prospect of living in the Greater Philadelphia area holds the future for starting a family in an area known for exemplary schools, attractive neighborhoods, and strong community values."

Kellie Chiu, M.D.
Breast Imaging

“The Princeton area is wonderful and I’m very close to work. My wife and I love being around Princeton University – a vibrant, educated community with restaurants and culture. For our children, the schools are top-rated in the nation, and our family loves the proximity to the shore and New York City. It’s great to get on our bikes in town, at the shore, or in Manhattan. There’s just a lot of variety in the area.”

Eric Bosworth, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Outpatient Imaging

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