December 2019

Nearly every profession has its own trade lingo. Musicians say “one-four-five with a short four” to refer to different notes on a major scale, for example, and a movie director might say “chicken in the gate” at the end of a take. Radiologists also have their own lingo. One of the most famous is Aunt […]

The healthcare industry is increasingly adopting artificial intelligence (AI), which are powerful computer systems that work and react like humans. AI and other autonomous systems help a number of medical departments and specialties, including administration and radiology, use large amounts of information to reduce errors and improve patient care for all patients. Artificial intelligence is […]

Knee injuries can sideline professional and amateur athletes alike. The results of a new study suggest that a single magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measurement can help doctors determine patients’ risk for knee injuries associated with kneecap instability. The kneecap protects the knee and plays an important role in how the knee bends. It is a […]

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