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Doctors rely on laboratory testing and medical imaging to diagnose kidney stones. When the patient’s symptoms and laboratory tests suggest kidney stones, doctors would turn to medical imaging to determine the number and location of those stones. For many years, computed tomography (CT) scans have been the go-to imaging test when it comes to diagnosing and […]

 Some people with sarcoidosis experience adverse outcomes that cause severe illness and even death, while other people with the condition do not. Determining which patients with sarcoidosis are at higher risk for adverse outcomes can potentially save thousands of lives each year. The results of a new study suggest that MRIs may someday help doctors […]

Routine cancer screening – including breast cancer screening with mammography – saves lives. Cancer screening uses sophisticated medical technology to detect signs of cancer, often before the patient experiences any signs or symptoms of cancer. Detecting cancer early through screening is important, as cancer is easier to treat while it is in its earliest stages. […]

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